Sunday, April 6, 2008


Like this tile floor, I'm feeling uneven. I think it's mostly work. I know there are other things, too - lack of exercise, no time spent making art, not enough time outside.
I'm not happy at work. I'm so glad I don't have a doofus for a boss anymore. Daily I'm grateful I don't have to deal with that idiot of an ex-boss. New boss is good -real good, but tells me more than I need to know. So much so, I feel like I'm not sure what the truth is. Am I a good employee? Is upper management pleased with my work? Or am I not working hard enough? Do I need to improve?
I know the field I'm in is not one I want to stay in, regardless of whether upper management wants me to advance (or not). I want to get back into a creative environment. I want to work with hardworking open minded people. I also want to ride my bike or walk to work.

Fortune: Look forward to great fortune and a new lease on life.

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