Sunday, June 24, 2007

"Daryl Hall is... at home in Kittery"

You would think a title such as this would be a piece about -well- Daryl Hall feeling at home in Kittery. I didn't expect a bio on his music career. Very disappointing, Ms Cicco/Portsmouth Herald.

I can't believe the weekend is drawing to an end. Too short. Four day work week. Four day work week. Makes so much more sense to me...

The job search continues this week. Stay where I am with slowly added responsibilities, slowly added pay increases? (Leaning away from this because I don't think the added responsibilities are where my interests lie. And why can't they increase my pay now?! I've proven my abilities and skills above and beyond expectations - 25 more days until my probationary period is up.) One prospect on the horizon, but not enough info as of yet to make a decision about whether it is worth pursuing or not. Two resumes on their way out. My pet peeve with job hunting: job listings with no mention of pay range. You're wasting my time and yours by not telling me the salary before I even send you my resume. Is it okay to ask about the bucks when they call to schedule an interview?

Fortune: The hard times will begin to fade. Joy will take their place.

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