Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Departed

It is out on DVD today - hooray! I will see it again, and again, and again. Okay. Maybe not. Boyfriend didn't believe it for a minute. But I will see it again - soon. And whenever I want to see a manly Leonardo. Hubba - hubba.

I am also newly departed from the horrible temp assignment. Double hooray! I feel so free. Yesterday I almost put my head down on the desk for a nap. I was bored beyond belief. If people could die of boredom, I would have been six feet under. I was hoping they would catch me sleeping and would terminate me on the spot. Ah - but I couldn't do it. Curse the part of me that feels the need to be a good girl.

This morning I had an appointment to get my teeth cleaned, so I went into work late. I must say, it was much better working a 6.75 hour day than an 8.5 hour day there (duh). Less hours in the metal chair. A cushionless metal chair. Less hours in the 85 degree office. My sinus are completely dried out and the armpits of my shirts are all stinky. P.U. Less hours spent listening to Beyonce* sing the "To the left, to the left..." song, which is usually about 5 times during the day. I miss my NPR. But I actually had my first personal conversation with a coworker today! If by conversation I mean: he talked about his traumatic experience with dentists and I listened.

Tonight feels like the eve of a holiday. I know - it is the eve of Valentine's Day, which is kind of a holiday, but it feels like the night before Thanksgiving. Maybe because I have the next few days off. I'm so looking forward to the next assignment. A bit worried, too. What if the work stinks? What if the people stink? I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed that all will be desirable.

*I don't mind Beyonce's songs, but I have an extreme dislike for radio stations required to heavily rotate "hit" songs.

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