Friday, February 16, 2007


It's cold outside, baby (yuh, I know you're the only one reading this blog). The sun is deceiving. I walked this morning, which was a bit difficult since the sidewalks are not cleared very well. Part of my walk, on route 103, doesn't even have sidewalks. Walking on a narrow road made even narrower by snow is pretty risky business 'round these parts. These parts being Kittery, Maine, which is just over the New Hampshire state line. The line is actually the Piscataqua River. I'm only about a mile and a half from downtown Portsmouth, NH, which is the closest city...I do believe.

When I went out to give blood at lunch time, this is what I had to deal with -Um, big snow banks at the end of my street, how am I supposed to see? Both Kittery & Portsmouth's plow jobs were somewhat poor - roads and sidewalks. You'd think they woulda' been ready to go since this was the first major storm this season. I guess we got too much too fast. I'm glad we can see bare roads, though, that's always good.

This is the view of the Memorial Bridge heading towards Portsmouth -
It's a crappy shot, but you can see the sidewalks are buried under the snow. I should say you can't see the sidewalks buried beneath the snow. Anyhow, the blood donation was a success, but I figured it would be when they gave me the number 13 - my favorite/lucky number. Last time I went to donate my hematocrit was too low so I couldn't give. They were giving Lindt chocolate bars to donors. Mmm-mmm. But I would've given for free.

This is the view of the bridge heading back to Kittery-The dirt on my windshield looks like smoke to the left of the bridge. I think they were working on the bridge as it didn't lift at all whilst I was stopped there. Figures - I had a front row view of nothing. Poo.

This is a collage I started awhile ago, but haven't touched in months. I guess it's because I'm a bit stuck. I'm afraid I might add too much and ruin it. I need to do something. If I ruin it, I ruin it. No big deal.

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