Saturday, February 3, 2007


This is new to me.
It's a strange experience - walking into an office to complete a task and nothing more.
The first assignment was boring and monotonous, but my coworkers were social and friendly. I have plans to take a painting class with one of them.
My second, current assignment is challenging - this is my favorite kind of accounting work. Yet my coworkers are not so social. There is a bar at this job site. Yesterday I found the person who has been supervising me drinking a beer at his desk an hour before quitting time. The fact that he was drinking a pint at his desk didn't seem strange to me at all. It was the fact that I hadn't been offered one. I hadn't been asked to take part in their Friday beer drinking ritual. It was rude.
Temping is great because I don't have to get caught up in office politics. I don't need to know or care who everyone is. But the down side is working at a place where people are more socially inept than I am (in lots of situations I am highly socially inept).
The one bonus of this is that I do not have to go back. I will, though, because I enjoy the work. And if I'm there next Friday, I will belly up to that bar and pour myself a pint. I may even do it on Monday. What are they going to do - fire me?

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