Saturday, February 10, 2007

Another Day...or Two

Yesterday was an interesting day. One gal actually seemed happy to see me. She gave me a cheerful "Good morning" when I saw her. That was nice. And I was asked if I wanted anything when they ordered out for lunch. Oooh. No beer offer, but I didn't notice anyone drinking, either.

Supervisor asked me, "You're here next week, right?" And I say, "Um, I don't know. I have plans..." Since I haven't enjoyed my time there, I came up with story (fib?)* as to why I couldn't work there any longer than the one and a half to two week commitment. Good golly! - it's going to be difficult enough to be there Monday and Tuesday, which is when 2 weeks is finally up. So supervisor says he had talked to temp agency contact on Tuesday about me staying on for all of next week and hadn't he talked to me about it? Coincidentally, it's the same day I sent the email to temp agency contact telling him I was not enjoying the job. The email temp agency contact never responded to. Then supervisor says, "What about after that? Can you come back the next week?" Um...hell no! I explained I was scheduled to start another temp job that week, which is the truth.

The day goes on. I'm dying of boredom. Especially between 3 to 4:30p.m. I let supervisor know at 3:00 that I had things I need to review with him. He said he was busy with a deadline. Could he get back to me in a little bit? What am I going to say - "no"? When this happened other times during the week, I had found things to keep myself busy. And work stuff, not goofing off stuff. But this time I was out of things to do. I was wanting out. Finally at 4:30 he wants to review, but he wants me to do it quickly. Geez Louise. We review and then he brings up me working there the week after next. He asks if I want to go to the other assignment. Um...hell yes! And that was that.

As I was driving away from the job my phone rings. Oh joy, it's temp agency contact! You can go straight to voicemail. He wants to let me know that the job has been extended through next week blah, blah, blah, give me a call back or email to confirm. Confirm this (obscene gesture), mister. I'm curious as to how he'll respond when one, I tell him I can't (won't) work the whole week, and two, when I ask why he didn't respond to my email.

*Okay, okay - it was a lie, but fib sounds a lot better. Nicer.

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