Monday, February 19, 2007

President's Day Chill

This is the position I've been assuming for the past three hours. Chillin' with the feets up, monkey slippers on. And I was chillin' outside this morning on my walk. It's frigid out there. Is it spring yet? Today seems to be passing slowly, which is fantastic!

I've enjoyed my 6 day weekend. I didn't do a whole lot - mostly a bunch of nothing. Ran into friends at the bar one night. I like when that happens. Had lots o'fun with boyfriend. We always have fun - we laugh much and get our silly on. He took this picture the other night while holding the camera upside down. I like the way that sounds: up side down. It's exactly what it is. (I think I mentioned before that I'm easily entertained.)
Tomorrow I start my new assignment. I'm still nervous and excited, but looking forward to getting in there and seeing what the place is like - what the people are like, what exactly the work will be. I hope we're a good match.

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