Sunday, February 4, 2007

The Golden Gate Bridge

When I was on the west coast training my replacement, I found the time to visit the Golden Gate Bridge with my friend and former coworker. We had a lovely walk across and back. Traffic was noisy, but the view was amazing. Surprisingly, I wasn't scared even though the railing wasn't all that high. I generally don't like heights if there aren't safe/solid/no-one-cab-push-me-over barriers between me and the edge.

Like the time this fall when boyfriend and I were hiking a trail in Griffin Park, Los Angeles with his sister-in-law and nephew. We were ascending up the hill on a wide, dirt trail, which had no railing. Strangely, the only place with a railing was a portion at the top... Anyhow, I had a hard time watching sister-in-law of boyfriend hike up the trail with the nephew strapped to her back. She wasn't close to the edge, but the non railing situation made the psycho in me nervous. (Sidebar: Does everyone have a psycho in them? The psycho inside that makes you think evil things even though you know they never would/could happen. I think there are some that know the psycho is in us, but know it's a small part of us and nothing more. Others - they may not know, so they act on the ideas the psycho presents to them. More on this some other time.) I was all jellly-like on the inside unless I looked away from her and focused my brain on other things. You can see above I was trying very hard to smile as if the open edge did not bother me. Boyfriend had me close to the edge for the best shot. Insert nervous laugh here.

Back to the big, beautiful, non scary, orange bridge. One neat thing was seeing a large ship approaching in the distance. We waited when we reached the point where we thought it would pass under us. It was cool because here there is a bridge between Kittery, ME and Portsmouth, NH (actually there are 3 bridges between the 2 towns, but I'm talking about the one in the photo above my 'About Me'). The bridge here raises to let the large ships through. We don't have the excitement of seeing a ship pass underneath us. Doesn't take much to entertain me.

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